Monday, September 23, 2013

Lessons taught by a baby

Assalam Alaikum,

This is one of those days, my baby girl crying for no apparent reason and glued to her momma. Usually, she is easy going and happy, especially in the mornings. 
After a few hours of on and off crying I put her down for a nap. Guess what she was holding on to and hugging when she slept? Nope, not one of those soft cuddly toys ….an empty plastic bottle:)
Anyway, who needs toys when the real stuff is all over the place ;)

As I have mentioned in a previous post, we had to try for a long time to conceive. I used to daydream about how my child was going to eat everything without a fuss, behave perfectly; I thought my child won’t climb onto furniture or play with things that she is not allowed to and so on, ….(hahaha, now I laugh at myself thinking how ignorant I was). Now I know what a parenting snob I was (does the phrase even exist?).

Some of my (day) dreams did come true, as I did stick to some of my decisions; such as breast feeding, cloth diapering, reading to her and teaching, playing and having fun with her.
But actually having a child had taught me a few lessons;

  • I could say no and try to stop her but she will climb things, all I could do is show her what is safe to climb and how to climb safely.

  • She won’t eat everything I offer and there will be times that she would finish her food, eat a little or refuse to eat at all, the only thing I could do is try.(I will, Insha Allah, write a separate post about the tricks I use to make her eat) 
  •  I could try to teach her how to talk, walk and hold a crayon, but she’ll do them if and when she’s ready,
  • She doesn’t behave the same way in front of strangers or when we are outside.

Most important  lesson I learnt is, that each child is different and their behavior changes throughout the day, according to their needs, (hunger, sleep and play)