Saturday, September 14, 2013

Peaches and cream ruffle skirt and crochet hat.

I was going to make a tank dress with a t-shirt material top with this skirt attached. But later on I decided to make a skirt as my daughter had none.  I think a skirt is a must in any girl's wardrobe, skirts look chic, adorable, cute, girly and....... you get the idea. Alright, I confess, I just can't help changing something in all the crochet patterns I've tried. I don't make what's actually shown in the pattern. I guess I'm a rebel. And enough of my ramblings.

I was going to make two peach rows and two cream rows, but I ran out of cream yarn and ordered some more yarn, but when it arrived instead of cream I got white, grrr. I did not want to wait any longer and finished the skirt with three rows of ruffle.

The pattern was actually for a whole dress, but I crocheted only the skirt.
Link to the skirt pattern