Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Modern Cloth Diapering in Maldives

Cloth diapering is not new to me. As I’m the eldest from a family of six, I have done my fair share of cloth diapering my younger sister.  

My youngest sibling was born during 1994 and back then cloth diapering was the norm in Maldives. I personally did not know anyone who used disposable diapers, only have heard about of the ‘wonders’ of dispos. But now, I don’t know anyone else who use CDs around here (cant’ help feeling a bit lonely).

During the first two months, my daughter had terrible diaper rash, I started using expensive diaper rash creams, but no matter what I did, it would not disappear.

I searched the internet to find a solution for the diaper rash problem and found some advice regarding using CDs (cloth diapers).

Another reason I wanted to use CDs was, when I visited islands I’ve seen dispos littering the beautiful beaches, and that made me think about finding another alternative, without the inconvenience of traditional cloth diapers (folding and using pins).

The other reason was, in my opinion, the amount of money spent on good quality dispos is ridiculous. 

Thus began my search for modern cloth diapers. I found many online stores selling modern CDs but the shipping was just too much (to Maldives). So I began to search the shops here, and found only one shop which sold Kushies AIO CDs. I bought just one to see whether I would like it. It was a cute looking, soft diaper, but the fit wasn’t right for my daughter since it leaked from the leg holes I had to search for another brand and found Alvas a Chinese brand online.  Since then I have exclusively cloth diapered my daughter and haven’t looked back.

Note; Is it bad manners to talk about food and cloth diapers in the same blog? Just wondering…